4 Mar 2022 20:23

Tiraspol sees Moldova's EU membership application as rejection of dialogue on co-existence

TIRASPOL. March 4 (Interfax) - Moldova's application for membership in the European Union attests to the country's rejection of its dialogue with Transdniestria regarding the parameters of co-existence, the breakaway republic said.

"The fact that Moldova filed an application to join the EU while its years-long conflict with Transdniestria has still not been settled, without taking into account our opinion and without consulting us, and completely ignoring the discussion of this matter within existing formats, including the 5+2 negotiation, puts a final stop to the [conflict] settlement process, requiring urgent finalization in accordance with international law," the foreign ministry of Transdniestria said in a statement.

The two sides need to maintain dialogue "for the purpose of [reaching] a final civil settlement in their relationship, based on peaceful good-neighborly co-existence as two independent states by signing a comprehensive bilateral agreement," it said.

Despite being "understanding of the decision of the neighboring republic" Tiraspol regards the filing of the EU membership application "as a geopolitical decision that would redraw international borders and spheres of influence in the region and radically change the circumstances of a final settlement of the Moldo-Transdniestria relations."

"The decision of Moldovan authorities signifies Moldova's readiness to hand its sovereignty over to supranational authorities in Brussels and transition to its territory being finally taken over by the West militarily, politically and economically.

"Concurrently, we ask the UN, OSCE [Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe], the mediators and the monitors of the negotiation process, and international community as a whole, to recognize the reality that has existed for over 30 years in the form of the Transdniestrian republic, to ensure due respect for our people's right to self-determination and to establish diplomatic relations with Transdniestria," the statement said.

Moldova's EU application was signed yesterday by the country's President Maia Sandu.