4 Mar 2022 10:21

Southern Military District tanks hit airborne targets during drill in Stavropol Territory

ROSTOV-ON-DON. March 4 (Interfax) - Southern Military District tanks have hit airborne targets belonging to a mock enemy during a tactical exercise in the Stavropol Territory, the Southern Military District's press service said.

"Tank units of the 49th Combined-Arms Army of the Southern Military District stationed in the Stavropol Territory are fulfilling tactical training assignments and are firing all types of T-72B3 tank weapons at the Nikolo-Alexandrovsky range," the press service said.

The drill aims to practice tactical maneuvering, deployment to training combat positions and the launch of an offensive from a defensive position. Tank gunners and commanders are mastering their skills of firing upgraded 125mm automatic guns at pop-up and moving targets in bad weather.

The airborne targets of the mock enemy are put under heavy machine gun fire. In the course of firing, commanders use the radio to control the fire and relay exercise settings to troops for better quality, rate and range of effective tank fire.

Over half of the drills take place at night, the press service said.