4 Mar 2022 05:26

Most Moldovan citizens opposed to joining NATO - February poll

CHISINAU. March 4 (Interfax) - Three-quarters of Moldovan citizens are opposed to the country's accession to NATO, as seen from a sociological survey of 1,007 respondents by the Date Inteligente company made public in Chisinau on Thursday.

"Only a quarter of the citizens support Moldova's accession to NATO. The rest of the respondents are opposed or undecided," Date Inteligente Director Mihai Bologan told journalists.

Moldova's accession to the European Union was supported by 59.3%, Moldova's merger with Romania by 34.7%, and the recognition of Transdniestria's independence by 22.7% of the respondents.

"As many as 30.9% of those polled are of the view that Moldova is developing in the right direction, while 61.9% hold the opposite view. Asked to name the main events of the past 30 days, 39.6% of the respondents mentioned growing prices in general, 13.5% growing prices for gas, and 4.9% growing prices for petrol and diesel fuel," Bologan said.

He particularly pointed out that the poll had been conducted before the start of "the Russian military operation" in Ukraine, on February 15-24.