4 Mar 2022 01:08

Roscosmos says intensity of cyberattacks from Ukraine declined after strikes upon its cyber-operation centers

MOSCOW. March 4 (Interfax) - The intensity of cyberattacks on Roscosmos's infrastructure from Ukrainian territory has declined following strikes upon Ukrainian cyber-operation centers, Roscosmos said.

"Roscosmos has recorded a decline in the intensity of cyberattacks on the state corporation's digital infrastructure and space rocket enterprises from Ukrainian territory following a series of strikes upon cyber-operation centers. Attacks from other parts of the world are continuing," it said.

Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said on Thursday that Russian troops fired precision-guided weapons

"disabling a reserve TV and radio center in the Lysa Hora area in Kyiv, which the Ukrainian Security Service has been using for psychological operations against Russia."

On March 2, Konashenkov said Russia fired precision-guided weapons upon "technological facilities of the Ukrainian Security Service and the 72nd Main Psychological Ops Center" in Kyiv. "The instrument room of the TV tower was disabled," he said.

Roscosmos CEO Dmitry Rogozin earlier said cyberattacks on Russia's satellites constituted casus belli.

"I want to warn everyone who tries to do it that it is essentially a crime, which should be toughly punished. Because disabling the satellite group of any country is generally a casus belli, that is, a reason to go to war," he said.

There were reports on Twitter on Wednesday that Roscosmos's satellite control centers had been hacked, which Rogozin denied.

"The information of these scammers and petty swindlers is not true. All our space activity control centers are operating normally," Rogozin said on Twitter.

Roscosmos's press service said also that "all satellites of the Roscosmos cluster are operating as usual, and the activity of the Mission Control Center in the Moscow region has not been disrupted, either."

Rogozin later confirmed that some elements of Roscosmos infrastructure not related to satellites were targeted for a cyberattack.

"This system is completely unrelated to Roscosmos' satellite control systems. The attack was detected in time. It was done automatically, and prevented," Rogozin said on Telegram.