3 Mar 2022 22:01

Slutsky: Some agreements reached at Russia-Ukraine talks will require ratification

MOSCOW. March 4 (Interfax) - Some of the agreements reached in the second round of the Russia-Ukraine talks will require ratification at the parliamentary and top levels, head of the State Duma Committee on International Affairs Leonid Slutsky said.

"The second round of the Russia-Ukraine talks is over. Understanding has been reached on the very important issue of humanitarian corridors. Naturally, we, primarily military ministries, have yet to determine the mechanics, but nevertheless, we have now what to answer to dozens of people whose children, relatives, parents are currently in dangerous zones in Ukraine," Slutsky said.

These people will soon be given an opportunity to leave these zones safely, he said.

"Clearly, it will require a third, no less important round of talks, which is due in coming days, to implement these agreements, which I won't voice today," he said.

"It will require parliamentary efforts, as some agreements will have to be endorsed and then undergo national ratification procedures," Slutsky said.

"Perhaps this matter is not that urgent, and yet it would be wrong to drag out the implementation of the agreements that have been reached and will be endorsed at the top level within days or perhaps even hours," he said.

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