3 Mar 2022 01:32

Moldova won't get militarily involved in conflict in Ukraine - president

CHISINAU. March 3 (Interfax) - Moldovan President Maia Sandu has said that Moldova will keep its neutrality and will not get involved in the armed conflict in the territory of Ukraine.

"From the first day, I called for fighting to stop and for all problems to be resolved peacefully. At the same time, Moldova reaffirms its neutral status and non-involvement in a military way in this conflict," Sandu said on Wednesday at a joint press conference with European Union foreign policy chief Josep Borrell.

At the moment, the Moldovan authorities "are focusing on managing the humanitarian crisis, linked, above all, to the flow of refugees," she said.

Some 112,000 Ukrainian citizens have crossed into Moldova since the start the latest events in Ukraine, and half of them are staying in Moldova, the president said.

"Moldova is at the limit of its capabilities and needs immediate support from the international community," Sandu said.

"This situation requires efforts and resources and is putting pressure on the country, whose resources are limited," she said.

"We have already received signals that assistance is being prepared by the European Union, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Finland, Turkey, and Lithuania. We are grateful for this assistance. Moldova, in turn, will provide shelter to all those who need it. Citizens of Moldova have proven these days that they are Europeans in terms of what they do and hope for," Sandu said.