1 Mar 2022 21:59

Ekho Moskvy broadcast ban, website blocking to be appealed - editor-in-chief

MOSCOW. March 1 (Interfax) - The Ekho Moskvy radio station plans to appeal the decision, at the request of the Prosecutor General's Office, to take it off the air and block its website, Ekho's editor-in-chief Alexei Venediktov said.

"The Ekho Moskvy editorial team categorically disagrees with the filing by the Prosecutor General's Office which led to our radio station being taken off the air and our website blocked. The claims contained in the filing are not backed up by any examples or any evidence," Venediktov said on Telegram.

"The editorial team will challenge this decision in courts. We see a political component in it, as well as the imposition of censorship, which is directly prohibited by the Russian Constitution," he said.

The radio station was taken off the air and its website was blocked earlier on Tuesday.