1 Mar 2022 17:12

Coup attempt in Belarus directed with involvement of Ukrainian nationalists - Lukashenko

MINSK. March 1 (Interfax) - Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has said the 2020 coup attempt in Belarus was directed with the active participation of Ukrainian nationalists and according to the Ukrainian scenario.

"The coup attempt was undertaken according to the Ukrainian scenario with the active involvement of Ukrainian nationalists and cyber warfare centers located in Ukraine," Lukashenko was quoted by his press service as saying at a meeting of the Belarusian Security Council.

The president said that bases and training camps were set up in the Volyn region close to the Belarusian border, with the Ukrainian law enforcement agencies being aware of that, in order to train "volunteers" to participate in the Belarusian protests.

He drew attention to the fact that there are more than 15 political emigration centers and bodies operating in Ukraine, recruiting and supporting fugitives from Belarus. The president noted that in 2020-2021 alone, the Belarusian border guards and the Ukrainian services uncovered four caches of weapons and ammunition in the Belarusian-Ukrainian border area that contained hand-held anti-tank grenades, explosive devices, explosives in large quantities and ammunition.

During the last three years, the activities of 12 agents and staff members of the Ukrainian security services were suppressed in Belarus, the president said.

"Before dealing with Russia, it was necessary to destroy the so-called 'Belarusian balcony.' Remember, this is fundamental. Before going to war with Russia, they practiced on us. When the blitzkrieg in Belarus failed in August 2020, they started stifling us economically, and that Ukraine, which every Belarusian loves, was almost in the fairway of the anti-Belarusian rhetoric," Lukashenko said.