28 Feb 2022 22:14

Moscow pledges harsh response to EU role in Ukraine events

MOSCOW. Feb 28 (Interfax) - The EU conduct and role in the events in Ukraine will not go without a harsh response, and Russia will continue to accommodate critical national interests irrespective of the sanctions, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Monday night.

"There will be a harsh response to the EU actions. Russia will continue to ensure the achievement of vital national interests irrespective of the sanctions or their threat. It is time Western nations realized that their complete dominance in the global economy is long gone," the ministry said.

"EU citizens and entities involved in the delivery of lethal weapons, fuel and lubricants to Ukraine will bear responsibility for any consequences of such actions to manifest themselves during the ongoing special military operation. They cannot fail to understand how dangerous these consequences are.

"The decision to begin the supply of lethal weapons to the Ukrainian militarists, which the EU made on February 27, exposes the hidden truth. It also signifies the end of European integration as a 'pacifist' project aimed at reconciliation of European peoples after WWII. The EU has completely sided with the Kyiv regime, which held a policy of genocide against some of its own population," the ministry said.

"Another myth planted by the EU earlier - the allegations that the unilateral restrictions, which are illegal from the point of international law, do not target the people of Russia - has also been dispelled," it said.