28 Feb 2022 16:04

Hackers hack websites of Russian media outlets

MOSCOW. Feb 28 (Interfax) - The websites of a number of major Russian media outlets have been attacked by the Anonymous hacking group.

"A hacking attack was staged on the websites of Russian media outlets, including Kommersant," the Kommersant newspaper said on Telegram.

"Dear readers! You might have seen the homepage of our website showing an anti-war slogan with the logo of the Anonymous hacker group. We are doing everything we can to resolve this problem as soon as possible," Forbes also said on Telegram.

The cyberattack also targeted the websites of Izvestia, RBC and other Russian news agencies.

"The website of Izvestia has been hacked. If you try to view the page, you may come across an anti-war message with the logo of the Anonymous hacking group. Right now, we are taking all necessary measures to fix the problem as soon as possible," Izvestia said.

Hackers from the Anonymous group said in the early hours of February 25 that they were declaring a cyberwar against Russia.