27 Feb 2022 23:42

UNSC votes to convene UN General Assembly special session on Ukraine

NEW YORK, UN. Feb 27 (Interfax) - Members of the United Nations Security Council have voted in favor of convening a special session of the UN General Assembly over the situation around Ukraine.

Eleven countries voted for the resolution, three abstained, and Russia voted against.

Thus, the UN Security Council has voted for applying UN General Assembly Resolution 377, which envisions referring to the UN General Assembly issues that cannot be debated at the UN Security Council "because of a lack of unanimity among its five permanent members." Nine out of 15 UN Security Council votes are needed to refer the issue to the UN General Assembly, and the veto power cannot be used during this procedure.

Western media outlets said earlier, citing diplomats, that such a session of the UN General Assembly could take place on Monday. A resolution could be adopted following it.