26 Feb 2022 10:42

Surrendered Ukrainian servicemen from Zmiinyi Island brought to Sevastopol - Black Sea Fleet

SEVASTOPOL. Feb 26 (Interfax) - Over 80 Ukrainian servicemen who surrendered their weapons on the Zmiinyi Island have arrived in Sevastopol, Mikhail Yasnikov, the Black Sea Fleet deputy commander for logistics, said.

"A group of Ukrainian servicemen from the Zmiinyi Island comprised 82 people who surrendered their weapons and made a decision to return to their facilities was brought to Sevastopol on the Shakhter salvage tugboat today," he told journalists on Saturday.

Black Sea Fleet sailors respected the decision of Ukrainian border guards, he said. A safe corridor to withdraw them from the area of the operation was created. After brief legal procedures and coordination with the Ukrainian side, servicemen of the Ukrainian Armed Forces will be sent home to Ukraine on buses, Yasnikov said.

No one of the surrendered troops sought medical assistance, but it will be provided to them, if necessary, he said. In addition, ration kits and bottled water were given to the Ukrainian servicemen.