26 Feb 2022 05:33

Meta refuses to comply with Russia's demands to lift restrictions from Russian media on Facebook - Meta vice president

MOSCOW. Feb 25 (Interfax) - Meta has declined to comply with the Russian authorities' demand for Russian media outlets' Facebook pages, Meta Vice President Nick Clegg said.

"Yesterday, Russian authorities ordered us to stop the independent fact-checking and labelling of content posted on Facebook by four Russian state-owned media organizations. We refused. As a result, they have announced they will be restricting the use of our services," Clegg said on Twitter.

Ordinary Russians are using the company's apps to express themselves and organize for action, he said. "We want them to continue to make their voices heard, share what's happening, and organize through Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger," he said.

Earlier on Friday, Roskomnadzor said that in accordance with a decision of the Prosecutor General's Office, access to the Facebook social media is partially restricted in Russia since February 25 due to censorship on Russian media outlets.