25 Feb 2022 20:52

Kyrgyzstan calls on Russia, Ukraine to sit down at negotiating table

BISHKEK. Feb 25 (Interfax) - The Foreign Ministry of Kyrgyzstan has called on Russia and Ukraine to resolve the conflict at the negotiating table.

"We're following the development of the situation in Ukraine with dismay and concern. Proceeding from our historically friendly relations with the peoples of Russia and Ukraine, we hope that the parties will achieve peace promptly, including by means of creating new formats and mechanisms of the conflict settlement at the negotiating table to prevent further casualties and damage," the Kyrgyz Foreign Ministry said on Friday.

"In this light we welcome any suggestions and initiatives aimed at launching negotiations between the parties to achieve lasting peace and stability. We are calling on all parties involved to ensure proper security for civilians, including the foreign ones, and provide an opportunity for them to leave the conflict zone," it said.