25 Feb 2022 20:18

Facebook infringes on Russians' right to access information - Prosecutor General's Office

MOSCOW. Feb 25 (Interfax) - Facebook violated the Russians' right to access information enshrined in the Russian constitution, the Russian Prosecutor General's Office said after making a relevant decision on Friday.

"Such actions by the owners of the internet resource [who restricted the accounts of Russian media outlets] unlawfully restrict the dissemination by Internet users of socially significant information in the Russian Federation (including reports and materials of registered media organizations) regarding foreign countries' imposition of political and economic sanctions on the Russian Federation, thereby violating the right granted to Russian citizens by Article 29 of the Russian Constitution to freely search, obtain, transmit, produce, and disseminate information legally," the Office said.

The Prosecutor General's Office's decision will "result in Facebook being placed on the relevant Roskomnadzor [telecoms regulator] list and, if it fails to address these violations, measures as provided by the Russian laws to restrict, fully or in part, the access to this website," using technical means of countering threats (TCPU), the Prosecutor General's Office said.