25 Feb 2022 12:33

Hackers attack IT infrastructure of Crimea's govt

SIMFEROPOL. Feb 25 (Interfax) - The IT infrastructure of Crimea's authoritative bodies has experienced DDoS attacks for two days now, the joint stock company Krymtekhnologii told Interfax.

On February 24, the IT infrastructure of the authoritative bodies in the Republic of Crimea experienced massive DDoS attacks, which began at 8:28 p.m. and have lasted until now," the company said.

Experts said the organizers of the attacks used a botnet whose IP addresses are located mainly in North and South America, Taiwan, and some other countries.

"All attacks are http-flood attacks, which are aimed at disabling websites. The attackers have now failed to disrupt the operation of the state information systems of [Crimean] authoritative bodies and the portal of the Republic of Crimea," the company said.

There has been an attack on the information resources of Sevastopol, the press service for the city's government told reporters. "Most are now functioning normally. All necessary measures have been taken," the press service said.

A DDoS attack is a massive hacking attack.