25 Feb 2022 10:30

Managua, Moscow countering attempts to prevent polycentric world's emergence - Nicaraguan parliament speaker

MANAGUA. Feb 25 (Interfax) - Nicaragua and Russia are countering attempts at external interference, which aim to prevent the emergence of a polycentric world order, Nicaraguan National Assembly President Gustavo Porras Cortes said at a meeting with State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin.

"I have said before, we will again have to confront the threat of fascism just like the Russian people do. This is a threat to the whole world," Cortes said.

Four years ago, "an attempt at staging a criminal, fascist coup" was prevented in Nicaragua, he said, adding, "The United States, its government and Yankee colonialism were steering the process."

"Our opponents and foes seek to put out the light of [Nicaraguan revolutionary Augusto) Sandino that illuminates entire Latin America. I have no doubt there are also attempts to put out the light that illuminates the Russian Federation and guarantees the construction of a polycentric world that would live in peace," Cortes said.

The polycentric world order gives security guarantees, he said.

Speaking of cooperation between the Nicaraguan and Russian parliaments, he said he was hoping that committee heads from both countries, who were present at the meeting, were able to establish a businesslike relationship. "That will allow us to develop the economy, trade, tourism, foreign relations, education, and defense," he said.

Volodin, who is paying an official visit to Nicaragua, fully agreed with the colleague.