24 Feb 2022 20:56

FSB warns of potential surge in cyberattacks on Russia against backdrop of Ukraine operation

MOSCOW. Feb 24 (Interfax) - The national computer-incident coordination center set up by the Federal Security Service (FSB) has warned of a risk of increased intensity in computer attacks on Russian information resources, including the critical information infrastructure, against the backdrop of the current military operation in Ukraine.

"Attacks could be directed at disrupting the function of important information resources and services, inflicting reputational damage, including for political purposes," the center said.

"Furthermore, there could be subsequent malware attacks from the Russian information space with a view to forming a negative image of the Russian Federation in the eyes of global community."

Russian organizations should be more vigilant in monitoring potential malicious activity within their responsibility zones, processing first the information on abnormalities detected in the critical information infrastructure, the Center said.

"Any failure in the operation of the critical information facilities for a reason not credibly established should be treated primarily as the result of a computer attack," the statement said.