24 Feb 2022 13:59

Borrell warns Russia may face 'unprecedented isolation'

BRUSSELS. Feb 24 (Interfax) - European Union foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said on Thursday that Russia could face "unprecedented isolation" due to its operation in Donbas.

"As High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy of the European Union, I will be in touch with our partners around the world to ensure the international community will be fully grasping the gravity of the moment and to call strongly and as a united front on Russia to cease immediately this intolerable behavior," Borrell said in a statement circulated by the European External Action Service.

"The Russian leadership will face unprecedented isolation," he said.

In his second statement, circulated by the Council of the European Union, Borrell said that the EU will respond to Russia "in the strongest possible terms". A special European Council meeting will be held later on Thursday to coordinate "the strongest, the harshest package" of sanctions ever considered, he said.

"The EU's response will therefore include both sectoral and individual restrictive measures coordinated fully with our transatlantic and like-minded partners," Borrell said.