24 Dec 2021 12:10

Manturov expects 2022 manufacturing growth in Russia to be level with 2021 - around 5%

Moscow. Dec 24 (Interfax) - The Russian Industry and Trade Ministry expects manufacturing output in 2022 to grow at this year's level of 5%, Industry and Trade Minister Denis Manturov said on the Rossiya 24 television channel.

"Manufacturing industry [growth] should be about the same as this year - about 5%," he said.

"The main drivers should remain the agricultural machine-building, civil aircraft building, machine-tool industry and pharmaceuticals, taking into account the orders that are already being implemented today. And, hopefully, it will extend to the chemical industry, the pulp and paper industry, processing of agricultural products, and the timber industry, if we're talking about the production of woodworking products," Manturov said when asked about industries expected to show positive trends in the coming year.

Earlier this week, during government hour in the State Duma, Manturov said that the Industry and Trade Ministry expects output growth of 5% in manufacturing industries in 2021. Agricultural machine building is the primary driver of growth, he said, with output growth of 40%, followed by the pharmaceutical industry with growth of 20%. Around 10% growth is forecast in machine tools, timber, chemicals, civil aircraft, shipbuilding and radio electronics.

The automobile industry, despite a shortage of chips, should grow by 7%, Manturov said. In 2022, shortages in the automotive industry will persist for the first half of the year, the minister said on Friday.