22 Dec 2021 10:00 30 years ago

Baltic States hail Almaty agreements, but not going to join them

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VILNIUS. Dec 22 (Interfax) – Lithuania has welcomed the signing of the Almaty documents establishing the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) but is not going to join them.

"This question is not even being asked," Lithuanian parliamentary deputy speaker Kazimieras Motieka told a correspondent of Baltfax, which is a joint venture of Interfax and the BNS news agency.

Latvian Prime Minister Ivars Godmanis spoke in similar terms. Stressing that this is his personal opinion, Godmanis said that only the Latvian parliament could fully clarify this issue.

Estonia's reaction to the Almaty agreements and its possible accession to the CIS is so far unknown. Observers believe that Estonia's position is unlikely to differ much from that of Latvia and Lithuania.