2 Dec 2021 10:30 30 years ago

‘First part of talks’ between USSR, Cuba on withdrawal of training brigade fruitless

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MOSCOW. Dec 2 (Interfax) – Ambassador-at-Large Vyacheslav Ustinov, who heads the Soviet delegation at negotiations on the withdrawal of a Soviet training brigade from Cuba, has returned from Havana to Moscow, Interfax has learned.

The Foreign Affairs Ministry said the negotiations that began on November 14 had not yet yielded any specific results, just that "their first part is over."

According to unofficial sources, the parties managed only to exchange opinions and proposals on the issue. The delegations failed to find common ground since Havana insists on linking the withdrawal of 3,000 Soviet military personnel with the closure of the U.S. military base Guantanamo on Cuba. The USSR assumes that the both problems should be solved, but there is no "historical connection" between them.

The ministry said the negotiations would resume shortly.