17 Nov 2021 13:50

Duma introduces QR codes for entry - Russian State Duma speaker

MOSCOW. Nov 17 (Interfax) - The State Duma is introducing mandatory QR codes, including for government officials, for entry into the plenary session hall and committee meetings, Russian State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin said.

"I am asking the State Duma administration to make relevant decisions as part of the pass system to introduce QR codes for entry to the State Duma for those who are going to attend discussions of issues not only in the plenary session hall, but also in committees," Volodin said at a plenary session on Wednesday.

If a government official who makes a report on a bill on behalf of the government does not have a QR code, he will not be allowed to enter the session hall, and the government will be asked to send a different representative to the chamber, he said.

It was the government that submitted bills on QR codes for Russian citizens to the State Duma, Volodin said. "One needs to start with oneself," Volodin said, addressing the government officials attending the session.

The speaker also said that the State Duma has the right to make such a decision, because government officials are state servants.

On November 12, the Russian government submitted to the State Duma two bills introducing a system of QR codes in Russia.

The first bill amends the law on sanitary-epidemiological wellbeing. It introduces mandatory QR codes certifying vaccination, contraindications to vaccination, or recovery from the disease in order to visit restaurants, stores other than grocery stores, mass events, and cultural establishments.

The second bill amends the Air Code and the Railway Transport Charter. It introduces mandatory QR codes to buy tickets and board planes and trains.

The government has suggested that results of PCR tests be accepted along with QR codes during the initial stage.