3 Nov 2021 19:41

Putin mentions importance of high-power laser weapons, new robotic systems for Russian Armed Forces

SOCHI. Nov 3 (Interfax) - Russian President Vladimir Putin has highlighted the importance of developing new hypersonic weapons, high-power lasers, and new robotic systems for the Russian Armed Forces.

"It's particularly important now to develop and implement technology essential for creating new hypersonic weapon systems, high-power lasers, and robotic systems that would be capable of efficiently opposing potential military threats, hence further strengthening our country's security," Putin said at a conference with top Defense Ministry officials and defense industry representatives.

The use of artificial intelligence technology, "which should provide for a qualitative breakthrough in enhancing combat performance of weapons," plays the primary role in building these and other advanced types of weapons, he said.

"Such technology should be actively used in troops and weapons control systems, communications systems, data transmission, and precision-guided missile systems," Putin said.

It is important to use artificial intelligence technology in developing advanced robotic systems with a high degree of autonomy and in the control systems of aerial and deep-sea drones, he said.

"All these priorities and objectives should be fully incorporated into a new state armaments program for the period up to 2033. Documents of a unified system of basic data for its development are already being drawn up by the Defense Ministry," Putin said.

Advanced weapons and military hardware to be developed and delivered to the Armed Forces under the state program should guarantee Russia's reliable protection from potential threats, he said.