28 Oct 2021 18:13

Project for GPP on basis of ethane-containing gas in Yamal to be developed soon - YNAD head

MOSCOW. Oct 28 (Interfax) - The project for a gas processing plant (GPP) on the basis of ethane-containing gas in Yamal will be developed in the near future, head of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District (YNAD) Dmitry Artyukhov told reporters.

"A number of projects are now at the stage of active discussion. Yesterday, this took place at the level of our president, to the extent of creation of a new sector for Yamal - serious gas processing," Artyukhov said.

"The new fields concerned have a fairly generous chemical composition, a high ethane content, and this allows us to speak about creating a production complex not only for output, not only for liquefaction, which is already happening in Yamal, but also for processing," he said.

"Of course, the final parameters will still be specified, but this is a new page in the development of the oil and gas sector in Yamal. Being located on the peninsula given the pre-existing infrastructure, the port of Sabetta, makes it possible to take the future products straight out onto international markets. These are the most effective logistics, which will enable us to have complete competitive ability on the global scale. The project, of course, will be very large scale and serious. In the coming years, the final parameters of its implementation will be developed, but, of course, this is the foundation for creating a new sector, which will attract thousands of jobs at the construction stage and create new taxpayers at the stage of operation, so that our region actively develops," Artyukhov said.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said during a meeting on the resource potential of Yamal that centers for intensive gas processing needed to be built directly in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District.

Putin said it was important to invest in infrastructure, including transportation, major projects such as the Northern Latitudinal Railway, railway access to the Sabetta port, and further development of the Northern Sea Route.

"And now I'm addressing not just the management of Gazprom , Novatek , who are present at our meeting, but will also address our other extractive companies - you need to get more actively involved in this work, invest in this infrastructure in the common interests of the development of Yamal," he said.