22 Oct 2021 12:02

Moldova to impose state of emergency in energy sphere - PM

CHISINAU. Oct 22 (Interfax) - Moldovan Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilita has announced the imposition of a state of emergency in the country in the sphere of energy.

The state of emergency will be imposed due to a gas shortage and a drop in pressure in the country's gas system, she said at a briefing on Friday. In this regard, a meeting of the emergency situations commission will be called on Friday, after which the situation will be discussed at a government meeting and then the prime minister will come to the parliament to ask to impose a state of emergency.

"We have a critical situation. We have a shortage of 16 million cubic meters of gas, we only have 67% of the gas we need for October. The pressure in the gas transportation system is at a critical level for the operation of the natural gas transportation systems," Gavrilita said. "Moldovagaz is not keeping its word, it's not supplying the necessary volume of natural gas. In this situation, we have to buy natural gas from other sources, but certain conditions need to be observed to fulfil the plan. For that purpose, we suggest imposing a state of emergency," she said.

Negotiations between Moldovan government officials, Moldovagaz and Gazprom are continuing in Moscow, the prime minister said.

"Headway has been made on the situation. But there is no definitive decision and there is no confidence that it will be reached [the signing of a treaty on gas supply with Gazprom]. In this situation, we will task the Energocom state company with buying the necessary amount of natural gas from alternative sources to ensure the necessary pressure in the pipelines. All these decisions are expected to solve the problem of natural gas pressure. The government is in talks with Gazprom," Gavrilita said.

Moldovan Deputy Parliament Speaker Mihai Popsoi said at a briefing the parliament will support the government's proposal to "give the government leverage to manage the energy crisis." He called on all political parties not to politicize the situation and not to try to get political dividends from it.

Moldovan Deputy Prime Ministers Andrei Spinu and Vladislav Kulminski are in Moscow now. They earlier had talks in Gazprom and the Russian presidential administration. The Moldovan government told Interfax they planned to end the talks and return on Thursday evening, but had to stay in Moscow to continue the talks on Friday.