21 Oct 2021 14:03

Gleb Prozorov appointed Deputy General Director of Interfax

MOSCOW. Oct 21 (Interfax) - Gleb Prozorov has been appointed Deputy General Director of Interfax.

Prozorov was Executive Director of Forbes Russia prior to his new appointment and, before that, General Director of Business News Media, which publishes the Vedomosti newspaper.

He will be responsible at Interfax for the development of the Group's new digital projects within the framework of the Interfax Lab research center, which is set to expand the scale and scope of its activity considerably.

"Having achieved leadership in the creation of applied digital systems that help Russian and foreign businesses with important tasks in risk control and various areas of compliance, Interfax is constantly building its competencies and human resource potential to implement the ever more complex tasks of its strategic development," said Mikhail Komissar, Interfax Group CEO, commenting on the appointment.

"We have over the past two decades completely transformed our business, turning a leading news agency into a leading IT company in its own segment. If 20-30 years ago we were proud of the fact that all the main Russian companies and banks, as well as foreign businesses interested in Russia subscribed to our news products, then today we are trying to ensure they can tackle their own business risk control tasks with the help of our digital systems. We expect that Gleb Prozorov, with his wealth of experience and expertise, will help Interfax to achieve those goals," Komissar said.

"I'm delighted to be joining such a highly skilled and energetic team at a company with such an interesting evolution. I hope I can be instrumental in developing new fields of business at Interfax," said Gleb Prozorov.

Interfax Lab was formed within the Group for hypotheses research and testing in new areas of development, to create advanced digital technologies and to develop analytical tools for the Group's IT services. Pilot methods and technologies in scoring, machine learning and artificial intelligence are being developed and enhanced under the auspices of Interfax Lab. Interfax LAB collaborates with leading Russian universities and research centers; its know-how is widely used in Interfax Group information and analytics systems such as SPARK, SCAN, Marker, X-Compliance and others.