5 Oct 2021 13:13

Test launches of Tsirkon hypersonic missile from sub completed - Northern Fleet commander

MOSCOW. Oct 5 (Interfax) - Test launches of Russia's Tsirkon hypersonic cruise missile from a submarine have been completed, Northern Fleet Commander Alexander Moiseyev said in a report to Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu during a teleconference on Tuesday.

"As part of a test program for the Tsirkon hypersonic cruise missile, test missile launches were conducted on October 4 from a missile carrier, a Project 885/886M nuclear submarine, namely, the Severodvinsk submarine. The firing was conducted from an underwater position. All systems, including the submarine's missile weapons control system and the missile itself, performed as planned and without issue. The objectives of the tests have been attained. The missile's underwater launch has been tried and confirmed. The missile's tests from a submarine were completed with that," Moiseyev said.

"Taking into account the earlier tests and launches, the Tsirkon hypersonic cruise missile has confirmed all of its performance data," he said.

Shoigu congratulated everyone who was involved in the missile's tests.

"I hope we'll finish all this work and put the missile into service in the near future," Shoigu said after hearing Moiseyev's report.