4 Oct 2021 18:04

Gazprom starts filling first gas pipeline string of Nord Stream 2 - operator

MOSCOW. Oct 4 (Interfax) - The procedure for filling the first gas pipeline string of Nord Stream 2 has begun, the pipeline's operator, Nord Stream II Ag, owned by Gazprom , said in a statement.

"As of October 4, the pipeline is being gradually filled with gas in order to reach the volume and pressure required for further technical testing. Previously, start-up and commissioning operations were conducted in order to monitor the integrity of the gas pipeline, including in-line inspection (ILI) using special diagnostic devices, so-called 'smart' cylinder pistons, as well as external visual and instrumental checks," Nord Stream II Ag said in the statement.

"Nord Stream 2 plans to provide additional information on the next technical steps," the operator emphasized.

"The gas pipeline was built and independently certified in accordance with the applicable technical and industry standards in order to ensure its reliable and safe operation. Start-up and commissioning operations are continuing on the second string," Nord Stream II Ag said.