30 Sep 2021 13:29

Russian govt submits draft budget to State Duma, expenditures for three-year period rise over 400 bln rubles vs first edition

MOSCOW. Sept 30 (Interfax) - The Russian government has submitted the country's 2022 draft federal budget to the State Duma and for the planning period of 2023-2024, with expenditures having been increased compared to the parameters approved by the Russian government by 80 billion for 2022 rubles, by 135 billion rubles for 2023, and by 203 billion rubles for 2024.

Consequently, expenses in the draft budget are planned to be 23.69 trillion rubles in 2022, 25.24 trillion rubles in 2023, and 26.35 trillion rubles in 2024. The government had previously approved the main budget parameters with expenditures at 23.610 trillion rubles in 2022, 25.105 trillion rubles in 2023, and 26.147 trillion rubles in 2024.