29 Sep 2021 20:54

Russia must face growing space competition with reliable space launches, new rockets - Putin

SOCHI. Sept 29 (Interfax) - Russia must remain a reliable provider of space launch services and develop the next generation of space rockets tailored to demands of foreign and domestic customers if it is to succeed on this highly competitive market, President Vladimir Putin said.

Russia is a market leader, having successfully launched all 17 rockets last year and all 15 in the several months of this year, Putin said at a meeting, which discussed the industry, on Wednesday.

"At the same time, international competition in this segment is growing, you are perfectly aware of it, we discussed this topic several times already," Putin said.

To succeed in this competition, Russia must retain the high level of reliability both in crewed aeronautics and in getting space cargo into orbit, he said.

"And of course we need to develop next generation carrier rockets which meet all the demands of our customers, both in our country and abroad, on the international market," Putin said.

Separately, Putin asked to report to him on what Roscosmos has been doing to make Russian space rockets more competitive. He also asked for a separate comment on the work on the Angara space complex which is being built at the Vostochny Cosmodrome.

"I will note that the first phase of the cosmodrome has already gone into serial launches, four of which have been carried out since the beginning of the current year," Putin said.

Also, stronger ground infrastructure is needed to develop orbital cosmonautics and increase the number of rocket launches, he said. "I therefore expect to hear today about subsequent Vostochny plans, taking into account of the creation of the new crewed system with a transport spaceship," Putin said.