27 Sep 2021 21:29

Clinical trials of Covid-19 vaccine Betuvacs due to start in early Oct - Skolkovo Foundation

MOSCOW. Sept 27 (Interfax) - The clinical trials of the Covid-19 subunit vaccine Betuvacs-Cov-2 are expected to begin in early October, the press service for the Skolkovo Foundation said on Monday.

"The clinical trials of the new coronavirus vaccine will start in early October. The vaccine was developed by a resident of Skolkovo (VEB.RF Group), the Betuvacs company, which is a member of the Human Stem Cells Institute's group," the Skolkovo Foundation said.

It was reported earlier in the day that the Russian Health Ministry gave the green light to the start of the Phase 1 and Phase 2 clinical trials of the Covid-19 subunit recombinant vaccine Betuvacs-Cov-2. The trials are expected to run through August 31, 2022, according to the state register of clinical trials.