20 Sep 2021 17:49

Inter RAO started supplying electricity to Belarus in Aug, keeps total export forecast at 19 bln kWh

MOSCOW. Sept 20 (Interfax) - PJSC Inter RAO started supplying electricity to Belarus at the end of August, member of the company's management board Alexandra Panina told reporters.

Supplies are taking place in "fairly big" volumes, Panina said. Nevertheless, the company is maintaining the overall forecast for electricity exports in 2021 at the level of 19 billion kWh, she said.

"I would keep the forecast of 19 billion kWh for now, because at the moment, specifically in September, supplies to the Baltics have declined, but we are supplying to Belarus. We have the opportunity now. We have fairly big supplies taking place," Panina said.

As of today, supplies to Belarus amount to up to 1,000 MW. The minimum amount is 325 MW, and the maximum is 1,000 MW, she said.

"They didn't take anything for quite a long time. [Supplies began] from the end of August. The supplies were a lot lower to start with. Now, they are fairly significant," Panina said.

"It isn't clear so far [what amount supplies will come to for the year]. We aren't making any forecasts for now," she said.

Speaking about supplies to other regions, Panina said export volumes to Finland, which is the company's main foreign market, were currently double those of last year.

"There is a more difficult situation with the Baltic countries. Our supplies there declined last year. This is due to restrictive measured taken by the Baltic side," she said.

"Now supplies to the Baltic countries have seriously reduced. They amount to 100-120 MW from the first price zone," Panina said.