14 Sep 2021 15:18

Gref: Sberbank ecosystem could 'theoretically' be sold if it does not live up to expectations

MOSCOW. Sept 14 (Interfax) -Sberbank's ecosystem could theoretically be sold if it does not live up to expectations, Herman Gref, the bank's head, said during an online press conference.

The ecosystem is only just beginning to evolve, and its integration is not straightforward, he said.

"It is of course normal for a company to change its outlook, to offload assets. I haven't heard about anything that we are going to offload. But theoretically we could sell certain assets if we see they are not as highly sought-after by our customers as we thought. But so far things are not going badly at all for us," Gref said, adding that this year had been a key one for Sberbank from the point of view of integration.