14 Sep 2021 14:40

Facebook fined 21 mln rubles over refusal to remove content prohibited in Russia

MOSCOW. Sept 14 (Interfax) - A magistrates' court in Moscow has fined Facebook over five administrative offenses associated with the refusal to remove content prohibited in Russia.

"Facebook has been found guilty of five administrative offenses and fined 21 million rubles in total," court press secretary Zulfia Gurinchuk told Interfax.

The overall sum of fines imposed on Facebook this year currently exceeds 80 million rubles.

The company was found guilty of offenses defined by Parts 2 and 4 Article 13.41 of the Russian Code of Administrative Offenses (the failure of an owner of an Internet resource to remove information whenever the duty to remove such information is imposed by Russian laws). An offense defined by Part 2 Article 13.41 is penalized with a fine of 800,000 to 4 million rubles, while an offense defined by Part 4 of the article is penalized with a fine of 3 million to 4 million rubles.