3 Sep 2021 17:19

Dozens of Kyrgyz parties apply to stand for parliament

BISHKEK. Sept 3 (Interfax) - Seventy-five Kyrgyz political parties have notified the Central Election Commission (CEC) of their intention to take part in the parliamentary elections due on November 28, the CEC said on Friday.

"The deadline for applications for parliamentary elections from political parties closed at 6 p.m. In all, 75 notifications have been received," the CEC said.

Under the country's constitution passed on April 11, the 90-seat parliament is elected for a five-year term.

The constitutional law, "On changes to the Kyrgyz Constitutional Law 'On Kyrgyz presidential and parliamentary elections,' which reduces the parliament and introduces a new procedure for electing deputies, came into effect on August 27.

Now the parliament will be elected according to a mixed electoral system: 54 members elected according to the proportional-representation system (on open lists of party candidates) for a single electoral district, and 36 members will be elected according to the majoritarian system in single-mandate electoral districts.