26 Jul 2021 16:59

Moldovan president declares zero tolerance of corruption

CHISINAU. July 26 (Interfax) - Moldovan President Maia Sandu announced a war on corruption and reforms in the justice and prosecution system while delivering a statement at the parliament on Monday.

"Starting this moment, zero tolerance of corruption has been declared. Corrupt officials must be replaced by honest people. In fighting corruption, the parliament plays an important role, as the lawmakers have to endorse clear laws to prevent and oppose corruption. The new parliament must urgently adjust the laws passed earlier, which allowed for schemes," Sandu said.

Moldova should immediately start reforming its justice and prosecution agencies, Sandu said. "We need resolute actions in fighting corruption. The citizens should see how someone who stole a billion is put in jail along with those who provided legal and political cover to them. A rule-of-law state is a key toward Moldova's rejuvenation," Sandu said.

The parliamentary majority will work together with the government and the president to make sure that no one can be allowed to be above the law, Sandu said. "This is among the principal obligations over years to come. Simultaneously, we need to invite incorruptible people trained to oppose corruption, criminal groups, and money laundering to the justice system, primarily the prosecution agencies, police, and the judiciary. We have consent by special agencies in European countries to help us professionally train officials for the justice system," Sandu said.

The new Moldovan parliament, which was elected on July 11, held its constituent session on Monday. The Party of Action and Solidarity (PAS), which supports President Sandu, won 63 of the 101 mandates in the new parliament, the bloc of Communists and Socialists 32, and the Shor party six mandates. This means PAS may form a new government and pass any legislative acts except for constitutional amendments on its own.