21 Jul 2021 13:39

Russia putting entire range of UAVs, from superlight to heavy, on world market

ZHUKOVSKY, Moscow region. July 21 (Interfax) - Russia is reducing its lag on the world market as concerns unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), Rosoboronexport General Director Alexander Mikheyev said.

"We have entered the world UAV market with certain delays, but Russia is now rapidly reducing this lag. And we're putting the entire range of UAVs, from superlight to heavy UAVs, on the market," Mikheyev said.

Russia will promote the export of helicopter-type and multi-rotor UAVs, including drones developed by enterprises of the Rostec State Corporation, he said.

Russia's offers on the foreign market currently include the Orion-E reconnaissance and attack UAV of the Medium Altitude Long Endurance (MALE) class and the Orlan-10E medium-range reconnaissance drone.

Interfax reported earlier that, according to official information, the Russian Armed Forces have reconnaissance UAVs such as the Eleron-3, Leer, Orlan-10, Forpost (a licensed copy of Israel's Searcher 2), etc.

Individual samples of attack drones are currently on a trial run in the Russian Armed Forces, but their serial production has yet to begin.

As regards heavyweight attack drones, the development of the Okhotnik 20-tonne UAV, a product of Sukhoi Company, and the Altius six-tonne UAV being designed by OJSC Urals Civil Aviation Plant is in its most advanced stages.

Rostec head Sergei Chemezov said in December 2020 that the Russian Defense Ministry had requested that the projects to develop domestic combat drones be expedited as much as possible.