29 Jun 2021 18:15

EpiVacCorona vaccine to be manufactured in form of dosage syringes - developer

MOSCOW. June 29 (Interfax) - The EpiVacCorona coronavirus vaccine developed by Russian consumer health watchdog Rospotrebnadzor's Vector State Research Center of Virology and Biotechnology will be manufactured both in the form of ampules and dosage syringes, Vector said in a statement on Tuesday.

"As well as the usual format, ampules, the EpiVacCorona vaccine will now be available as a dosage syringe. The relevant changes to the certificate of registration were made on June 28," the statement said.

"A dosage syringe is a ready-to-use medical product which substantially optimizes the vaccination process, making it maximally convenient both for those vaccinated and for medical staff," it said.

"A dosage syringe skips one of the pre-vaccination stages, with the drug being in a syringe fully precluding the likelihood of error, allowing an acceleration of the vaccination procedure and avoiding long lines," the statement said.

"A dosage syringe is very easy to use and has minimum requirements for medical staff, making it extremely convenient for use not only in an urban environment, but also in remote populated areas," it said.

EpiVacCorona is Russia's second Covid-19 vaccine, which was registered last October and which has been used for mass vaccination since April.