17 Jun 2021 15:30

Abrau-Durso resumes wine deliveries to U.S

MOSCOW. June 17 (Interfax) - Following a five-year hiatus, the Abrau-Durso group of companies has resumed deliveries of its products to the United States, the Russian major wine producer said in a statement.

The group's partner is the Interbalt Fine Wine & Spirits distributor, which has been importing alcoholic beverages to the United States for over 20 years. The first consignment of Abrau-Durso sparkling wine is to go on sale by the end of June 2021, the company said.

According to the requirements for products supplied to the United States, the bottle design must indicate on the label the geographical name where the wine has been produced. The name of the protected geographical area, PGI Kuban, has been registered as wine permitted for distribution in the United States in order to supply Abrau-Durso products to the market, thereby permitting other Russian wine producers that are exporting their products to the United States to indicate the region of provenance on their labels going forward.

"Returning to the U.S. market is an important step in developing exports for the Abrau-Durso group of companies. Our immediate plans are to expand the assortment of the Vedernikov Winery, which is also part of the Abrau-Durso group," the winery's president Pavel Titov said.

Abrau-Durso occupies a leading position in exporting sparkling wine from Russia, supplying its products to 24 countries, including Germany, Great Britain, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Greece, Finland, India, Japan, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, other FSU countries, and more. The company had a total distribution volume to foreign markets exceeding 2 million bottles in 2019-2020.