20 May 2021 15:18

Gazprom no longer considering constructing gas pipeline to India, Japan, preference given to LNG 'flexible pipeline'

MOSCOW. May 20 (Interfax) - Gazprom is no longer considering the option of constructing a gas pipeline to India, Yelena Burmistrova, Deputy Management Board Chairperson and General Director of Gazprom Export LLC, said during a press conference.

"As of today, we are no longer considering constructing a gas pipeline to India," Burmistrova said, noting that India had proposed the initiative. The project ended up being too capital intensive. Meanwhile, LNG, a so-called flexible pipeline, is fulfilling the task of supplying gas to the country.

"We are not considering the project. We believe that we are able to supply LNG to Japan, thereby meeting demand," Burmistrova said when answering a question on the initiative to build a gas pipeline to Japan.