28 Apr 2021 19:42

Moldovan president dissolves parliament, calls early election for July 11

CHISINAU. April 28 (Interfax) - Moldovan President Maia Sandu has signed a decree on dissolving parliament and calling an early parliamentary election for July 11, which she announced herself at a press briefing on Wednesday evening.

"Several minutes ago, I signed a decree on dissolving the parliament. An early parliamentary election is scheduled for July 11. We should get rid of this corrupt parliament as soon as possible, as its members are lobbying for gray schemes and stealing from the citizens. Now the choice is yours, dear compatriots. We should elect a new parliament, form a competent government, and bring the country back to a normal state," Sandu told journalists.

The government is now supposed to allocate the funding for the election campaign, and the Central Elections Commission must provide proper conditions for holding a fair and free election, she said.

Interfax had reported earlier that the president was entitled to sign a decree on dissolving the parliament after the Constitutional Court repealed the state of emergency over the coronavirus pandemic, which the parliament had imposed earlier.