7 Apr 2021 21:18

Covid-globulin gets green light for clinical trials - Moscow Health Dept

MOSCOW. April 7 (Interfax) - A specific immunoglobulin for the treatment of coronavirus, called Covid-globulin, on April 2 received permission for clinical trials, the Moscow Health Department told Interfax on Wednesday.

"Permission was granted on April 2 for the clinical trials, which will begin at Moscow City Health Department hospitals very soon," it said.

The first stage of testing found no side effects in healthy volunteers. The safety profile will be clarified following receipt of the results of the second stage.

Covid-globulin contains antibodies which can circulate in a patient's body after taking the drug for up to a month, Rostec told Interfax. This does not preclude coronavirus vaccination in the future, as it is thought that immunity after recovery from Covid-19 will diminish over time.

On April 1, the Russian Health Ministry approved the use of Covid-globulin based on the blood plasma of recovered coronavirus patients. Administering the drug helps the body overcome the disease and teaches the immune system to produce antibodies on its own faster. The drug is expected to be used in the treatment of moderate and severe cases.