6 Apr 2021 18:05

Yerevan court terminates prosecution of ex-president Kocharyan, earlier charged with overthrowing constitutional order

YEREVAN. April 6 (Interfax) - A first instance court in Yerevan has terminated the prosecution of Robert Kocharyan, a former Armenian president, who was earlier charged with "overthrowing the constitutional order".

"To terminate Robert Kocharyan's prosecution under Article 300.1 of the Armenian Criminal Code based on the absence of corpus delicti," Judge Anna Danibekyan said during a court hearing on Tuesday.

The criminal proceedings under Article 300.1 of the Armenian Criminal Code (overthrowing the constitutional order) of former defense minister Seyran Oganyan and former chief of the Armed Forces General Staff Yuri Khachaturov, and former head of the president's office, ex-deputy prime minister Armen Gevorgyan have also been terminated, Danibekyan said.