1 Mar 2021 13:02

Pashinyan concludes he was misinformed about Iskander missiles - press secretary

YEREVAN. March 1 (Interfax) - The statement of Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan regarding the inefficiency of Russia's Iskander missile systems is a result of misinformation, and the issue was raised at the recent phone call with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Pashinyan's press secretary Mane Gevorgyan said.

"The statement of the Armenian prime minister regarding Armenia's use of Iskander systems was discussed among other issues in the course of the phone call between the Armenian prime minister and the Russian president several days ago. The Armenian prime minister made a comparative analysis of the available facts and data and concluded that he had been misinformed," Gevorgyan said in an interview with the Armenian state-run news agency Armenpress.

The statement made by the Armenian prime minister "has no relation to the content or quality of the Armenian-Russian allied relations in the field of military and military-technical cooperation," she said. "Also, there is no doubt that Russian weapons are one of the best in the world. Armenia is continuing close cooperation with Russia in the field of defense industry and high technologies and plans to work on the further deepening of this cooperation," Gevorgyan said.