20 Feb 2021 09:19

Gazprom confident Nord Stream 2 will be completed, advises against fixating on specific dates

MOSCOW. Feb 20 (Interfax) - Gazprom has advised against fixating on specific dates for the completion of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline from Russia to Europe, but said it is absolutely sure that the project will be finished.

At the beginning of February, the website of the Danish Maritime Authority posted a notification from Nord Stream 2 AG and the agency saying that construction of the two lines of Nord Stream 2 in Danish waters will continue until the end of April. This information was later confirmed by a Gazprom spokesman.

Addressing the issue of when Nord Stream 2 will be finished at a meeting with investors on Friday, the deputy chairman of the Russian gas giant's management board, Famil Sadygov said "one shouldn't fixate on specific dates for the completion of construction and launch of the project."

"For us it's important to launch the project itself, and we will really accomplish this. But, because these dates depend on many factors, a large number of factors, including weather conditions and so on, there are no exact dates," Sadygov said.

"We can only talk about the actual progress of the project itself. But this or other official information is disclosed in detail and publicly by our Nord Stream 2 project operator. As you know, in the middle of December work on construction of the gas pipeline was resumed, [pipe] laying is being conducted in full compliance with existing permits. We're making every effort to carry out this effective commercial project," Sadygov said.