18 Nov 2020 11:14

PM Pashinyan presents 6-month plan, including measures for rebuilding Nagorno-Karabakh, stabilizing Armenia

YEREVAN. Nov 18 (Interfax) - Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan plans to continue his activity despite the opposition's call for his resignation after the Karabakh war.

On Wednesday, the Armenian prime minister presented key areas of his activity in the upcoming six months, among them the reconstruction of Nagorno-Karabakh districts damaged in the course of the war, and the stabilization of Armenia.

"I am responsible for the situation brought about by the war, the failures, and the post-war state of affairs. I am also the main person responsible for fixing this situation and for maintaining stability and security in the country," Pashinyan said on Facebook on Wednesday.

He spelled out the key areas of his future work.

"Resumption of the negotiating process on the Karabakh issue in the OSCE Minsk Group, prioritizing the status of Artsakh [the Armenian name of Nagorno-Karabakh] and the return of people of Artsakh to places of their residence. Full restoration of normal life in Artsakh and reconstruction of damaged infrastructure. Provision of social guarantees to families of the dead and injured servicemen and citizens. The soonest return of prisoners, and the clarification of the fate of missing persons. Provision of social guarantees to their families," Pashinyan said.

It is also necessary to develop a system for the psychological rehabilitation of society, to approve a program of the Armed Forces' reform, to contain the coronavirus epidemic, to restore economic activity, to solve demographic problems, to amend the Electoral Code, and to adopt a new law on parties, he said.

The establishment of the institution of specialized judges as the first step towards founding the Anti-Corruption Court is also on Pashinyan's agenda.

"It is necessary to enforce the law on the impoundment of unlawful property," the Armenian prime minister said.

The implementation of these tasks will ensure the democratic stability of Armenia and will guarantee the absence of any risk to the formation of national authorities through the free expression of people's will, he said.

"I have initiated a government reshuffle in order to achieve these objectives. The process of institutionalization of these measures will take six months. I will deliver a report in June 2021, and then we will plan our further actions with due account of the public opinion," Pashinyan said.