26 Oct 2020 17:44

IMEMO, Interfax launch new online analytical project Russia and the World: A Professional Conversation

MOSCOW. Oct 26 (Interfax) - The Russian Academy of Sciences' Institute of World Economy and International Relations (IMEMO) and the Interfax Group have announced the launch of a new joint project called Russia and the World: A Professional Conversation. They signed an agreement on its implementation on Monday, October 26.

The project will include a series of expert meetings dealing with key events in global politics and the economy. Discussions among academics, public figures, and government officials are planned for once a month in an online format.

"Covid-19 has dramatically increased the uncertainty of global trends and accelerated the processes that took shape at the end of the global recession of 2008. This situation produces a Marxist temptation to declare something new or the end of something old. Social processes rarely experience structural disintegration. And yet public interest in professional discussions on key events on the global agenda naturally increases amid growing risks and extreme uncertainty," IMEMO President Alexander Dynkin said.

"We're happy about the success of the Primakov Readings Online and have decided to arrange a new series of meetings focused on urgent global problems. The world is seeing numerous important events these days, and we would like to discuss and analyze these events and anticipate their development along with authoritative experts and decision-makers," Interfax Chairman and CEO Mikhail Komissar said.

The first joint event within the framework of IMEMO's and Interfax's new project is scheduled for Thursday, October 29. It will discuss the expectations for the upcoming presidential election in the United States in various capitals around the world.

Experts will discuss, in particular, which of the presidential candidates is favored in Beijing, New Delhi, Brussels, Berlin, Paris, and Tokyo, how the global economic architecture could change, and what the future of strategic stability and arms control looks like.

Taking part in the discussion will be IMEMO Center for International Security head Alexei Arbatov, Deputy Director and head of the IMEMO Center for Asia Pacific Studies Alexander Lomanov, senior researcher at IMEMO's Department of International Political Problems Alexei Kupriyanov, Director of the Russian Academy of Sciences' Institute of Europe Alexei Gromyko, senior researcher at IMEMO's Department for European Political Studies Pavel Timofeyev, senior researcher at IMEMO's Center for the Middle East Studies Nikolai Surkov, and others.

This past summer, IMEMO and Interfax held the annual forum Primakov Readings 2020 in an online format. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and numerous experts on international relations took part in its work.

The Institute of World Economy and International Relations was established in 1956 and rapidly gained a reputation as an influential and unparalleled center of comprehensive fundamental and applied socioeconomic, political, and strategic studies in the country set on analyzing key tendencies in global development. IMEMO remains a unique analytical center in the scope of the problems it studies and the comprehensiveness of its scientific agenda.

IMEMO has developed national political science and economic theory and worked out the prognostic and analytical foundation for political decision-making. The institute's economists and political scientists focus on issues related to the tendencies of globalization, new international security challenges, and qualitative changes in economic and political systems.

The institute collaborates with Russian federal and regional government bodies, major state-owned and private companies, Russian and foreign research centers, and media outlets.

Since August 2015, the institute has been named after Yevgeny Primakov. IMEMO is the main organizer of the Primakov Readings.

The Interfax Group, which was founded more than 30 years ago, includes one of the most reputable and most quoted Russian news agencies in the world, as well as entities developing advanced informational and analytical systems dealing with business risk management and the implementation of regulations. Interfax's subscribers and customers include leading Russian and foreign media outlets, government institutions of Russia and most countries, and major corporations and banks.