10 Aug 2020 18:54

Rogozin allows for existence of extraterrestrial life forms

MOSCOW. Aug 10 (Interfax) - There must be some extraterrestrial life forms, Roscosmos head Dmitry Rogozin said.

"I have no doubt that they exist. The universe is practically limitless, and one can assume that the conditions which occurred on our planet must have repeated themselves somewhere in this unlimited space," Rogozin told the Mir 24 television channel in an interview.

The search for extraterrestrial life is a task of deep space exploration missions, he said.

Senior research fellow at the Pulkovo Observatory Sergei Smirnov said in an interview with Interfax earlier that aliens might be reluctant to contact mankind, because they believe that humans are an underdeveloped species.

"Aliens see us as idiots, an underdeveloped species. It's possible that they have screened us off from the rest of the galaxy and warned hundreds of billions of stars that the civilization that exists near the draft star we call the Sun is dangerous. It should not be approached, because the knowledge you might share with the Earthlings could be used by them to create another super-bomb or super-poison to be used against their own population," Smirnov said.

Director of the Russian Academy of Sciences' Applied Astronomy Institute Andrei Finkelshtein said in 2011 that astronomers hoped to find extraterrestrial life forms within the next two decades.