31 Jul 2020 15:28

Putin signs law allowing 3-day voting in elections, referenda

MOSCOW. July 31 (Interfax) - Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a law which allows voting in elections and referenda to be held for three consecutive days.

The law was published on the official web portal for legal information on Friday.

It enters into effect on the day of its publication.

In accordance with the law, voting in elections "may be held for several consecutive days, but no more than three days."

Such a decision may be adopted no later than ten days after the official publication of a decision setting the dates of elections and cannot be revised, the bill says.

Thus, voting in elections following the elections in September may be held over a three-day period.

The bill also makes it possible to hold voting outside of polling stations, in other places suitable for this, for instance on adjacent territory, communal areas, "and other places."

Additionally, the bill allows the authorities to establish "other specific features of voting and the vote counting process on election days."

The Russian Central Elections Commission makes the decision on holding voting over a number of days in State Duma elections.

Such decisions regarding elections at other levels are made by the election commission in charge of organizing these elections or referenda.

If a decision on voting over the course of several days is adopted, voting by absentee ballot and early voting will not be held.

These new arrangements apply to elections of federal authorities, local authorities, referenda held by a constituent of the Russian Federation, and local referenda.